This is child #1. My only son, Carsen.
Carsen loves two things in life. Fish, especially sharks, and basketball. In fact, one of his goals in life is to start a basketball team that will play KU called the Kansas Sharks. They will never lose. And he wants to live in a house that is underwater and save fish. 
Carsen is passionate. He never understands why anyone, especially his sisters, aren’t as excited about things as he is. He will give you facts about the ocean until he goes hoarse and he will tell you about game-winning shots and amazing dunks until you want to be on the court with him. I LOVE this about him. (Of course, sometimes it also drives me absolutely crazy! My head only has so much space for facts about the midnight zone of the ocean. That space is much smaller than Carsen’s.)

Carsen has kids from his class signing up for a club that he, with Kennedy’s help, has started. It’s called the “Save Fish Club”. He has read about over-fishing and the dangers of pollution in the ocean and has decided he wants to do something about it. He has no idea what to do(other than the living underwater thing). Neither do I! 

So I have a request: Next week our family is going to Kansas City and visiting the aquarium on Wednesday. If any of you, the 20+ readers of this blog, know someone who knows someone at the aquarium, it would be awesome if Carsen had the chance to learn and see things from the non-tourist side while we are there. If not, we will still have an awesome time and I’m sure I will learn a ton of things about coral reefs that I didn’t know. 


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