Monday Wonderings and Wanderings

It’s been a while since I’ve wondered…

  • I wonder if this week before sabbatical will fly by or drag by.
  • I wonder what God is trying to say to me these days. I feel like I hear God a lot. I know what he is saying/asking/telling me. I do not really see the “why” in it, though. I am exceedingly alright with that.
  • I wonder if the Nuggets can catch the Clippers or Memphis and get home court in the 1st round. It is their only chance of winning a series.
  • I wonder why saying “no” to God often seems so much easier than saying “yes.”
  • I wonder why I can tell that blue M&M’s obviously taste better than the other colors but some people can’t. 
  • I wonder what God is gonna do in and through kid #4. She is sitting next to me right now talking and being cute and I just wonder…

What do you wonder about today?


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