God is…

One of my favorite things to do as I read the Bible is make lists of what I am reading. A few years ago I read through the Gospels and wrote down everything I could about what Jesus taught or did. That practice is what led me to believe the way of Jesus is the way of non-violence. It can open us up to noticing things about God or Scripture that we would normally miss.

So today, let’s do that with Psalm 9. All the things we can learn about who it says God is. Go read it, make your list, and come compare and comment if you have some different ones!

God has wonderful deeds
He is the Most High
He upholds rights and causes
He is a righteous judge
He rebukes nations
He destroys the wicked
Blots out the name of the wicked forever
He uproots cities
He reigns forever
He established his throne for judgment
He rules in righteousness
He is a fair judge
He is a refuge and stronghold
He doesn’t break his promises to those who seek him
His throne is in Zion
He hears the hurt
Will lift us up
The one who saves
So full of justice that he is known by his acts of justice
Does not forget those is need
Can remind people who is God and who is merely human

It is amazing to me to think of God as both powerful enough to uproot cities but also full of enough compassion and tenderness to hear my hurt and show me mercy.

Thank you God that you are who you are, and not who I continually try to make you into. Thank you that you are powerful and righteous. Thank you that you also hear my cries for help. Amen.


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