Upside Down King

Psalm 8, here we go!
I have read this Psalm for almost a week now, and all that comes to my mind is an old “praise chorus” that I grew up singing in church. Aggravating the way my brain gets stuck on a song!

There is a certain way things work in our world. The richest and strongest win. Most of world history works this way: a conqueror comes with a big army and gains control of an area. He becomes king/emperor/potentate/grand poobah. This lasts until someone else has a stronger army and becomes the next ruler. Or uses all their money to buy their way to the top. Either way, in our world, having the might really does make you right.

Except that God and His kingdom work very differently. God establishes strength through the “praise of infants and children.” He doesn’t establish his strength through the power of a large army (He can part a sea, he is stronger than any army!). He doesn’t establish his power through creating good voting strategies and getting the right man in office (He is already King of Kings- and he cannot lose that title in any election). He doesn’t establish his power by lying and cheating his way, or anyone else’s way, to the top (What would He gain? He is already the bringer of life and the conqueror of death, and in him is all truth).

God works through the least. Through the humble and meek. Through the poor and needy. He works through those who bring praise to him and make his name majestic in all the earth.

His kingdom works differently. It is upside down. So quit trying to push to the top. Remember that God establishes his kingdom not through our might, power and glory, but through his. Serve him.

Where do you need to quit striving and start seeking the kingdom of God?


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