Waiting with Expectation

Psalm 5 this morning.

Since we have a God who hears us (which we talked about in Psalm 4), we have a responsibility as we come to him. We must wait for an answer. As a parent, one of my children routinely drives me crazy by asking a question and then not listening for my answer. She then will ask the same question again and the process will repeat itself until I make sure she is listening. Sometimes she will ask her question two or three times without waiting for an answer.

It is often the same between us and God. There are many different ways we can wait for an answer from God. We can wait impatiently, tapping our foot and sighing over and over. We can come to God and then walk away, forgetting that he will answer and fail to hear or see the answer. Or we can wait in the way this Psalm says to wait, expectantly.

Expectto anticipate or look forward to the coming or occurrence of

When we wait with expectation, we wait KNOWING God will answer us. We have a God who hears us, and not only that he will answer us. So wait with expectation, knowing that God is speaking in our world today and does see and hear you. 


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