Questioning God- Psalm 3

Go read it here first.

One of the things I have always found interesting in the Psalms is that David feels very free to call God out. He questions God, he wonders where God is, he wonders if God will stay on his side, and he frequently complains to God about what is wrong in his life.

Psalm 3 finds David again writing as he flees from Absalom. And he casts the doubt others, “God will not deliver him” out to God. I wonder if David thought this was true, as well. But as he puts the doubt out there, he proclaims what he knows is true about God. This is something he also makes a regular habit of doing. He proclaims God as his protector, his provider, his sustainer, and his deliverer.

It is okay to question God. It is okay to have doubts.  It is okay to wonder if God is really going to… It is not okay to let that be the end of the story! When David had issues with what God is doing, he leaned closer to God. He drew near to God by prayer and worship.

God can handle your doubts. God will not buckle under your anger at him. God can take your questions. Instead of letting those things pull you away from God, I pray that today they would draw you nearer.


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