Things I’m Learning

  • If I don’t have something to say, shut up!
  • People are stubborn. We would often rather stay hurt than forgive and let God heal.
  • Getting all bent out of shape over anything is pretty much always the wrong answer.
  • The cross is so much more beautiful and full of hope than I have been teaching students. 
  • Sleep is never overrated. I miss it.
  • My son is so very like me. I find it kind of overwhelming to think about trying to guide him toward Jesus.
  • Don’t buckle a 3 year old into her car seat, start the car and then shut the door while returning the shopping cart. 40 minutes trying to keep her happy and help talk her through getting out of her seat belt to open the door while standing in the freezing cold was not super fun. Thanks Hutch PD for coming and opening my door.
  • If God can show patience towards me, I can surely show patience towards others.
  • Climbing is really fun. I had forgotten this. Now I remember. 

There are so many other things, but that is a good look at what I’m learning. What are you learning?


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