Monday Wonderings (Or Wanderings)

  • I wonder why Ray Lewis makes me sooooooo angry. He’s a good football player, he plays hard, he’s a great leader. But he drives me crazy. I think he feels like an act. I’m not saying he’s not being authentic, I don’t know him. That’s just how it feels.
  • I wonder if I’m going to make it through this week in one piece. A junior high youth conference that I’m in charge of is this weekend. Lots and lots of work to do… 
  • I wonder if I would feel so ready for a Sabbatical if it wasn’t in two months. 
  • I wonder if we will ever have a food budget that feels like it is keeping up with our kids. Our pantry and fridge feel continually empty.
  • I wonder if I can model the things I taught students last night towards my own kids: Be honest, show grace, talk kindly. Very simple. Very hard.
  • I wonder if Havily will return to sleeping through the night soon. The 3 am, blissfully unaware of the world, sleeping like a log version of me misses it. A lot.
  • I wonder what God would say to my church as we prepare to vote on our budget next week. Are there places where we are giving to ourselves or building our own kingdom? May God use our budget for his kingdom and to make his name great!
  • I wonder how long it will take for me to say the new church name consistently. I wonder how long it will take people who have had the old name for 40+ years. Journey Mennonite Church, Journey Mennonite Church, Journey Mennonite Church.
  • I wonder what it will be like at the McPherson campus launch this week. I’m excited to see it go and love that community in the name of Jesus.

What do you wonder?


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