What Can We Do? (And No, I Don’t Mean Gun Control)

Yesterday, as the stories continued to come out of Newtown, CT, I kept hearing people on the radio say the same thing. It was something along the lines of:

This is different than Superstorm Sandy, with that I could give money or go help clean up. With this, it feels like there is nothing I can do.

For a moment I thought how true this was. Then I remembered God. He calls us into broken places to bring his hope and healing, so there must be something we can do. If you’re a follower of Jesus here are some things you can do:

  1. Pray. For the victims families. For the kids who lost friends and are hurting and scared. For the faculty. For the community. For the churches in the community.For the family of the shooter. 
  2. Organize or lead a church/community prayer gathering.
  3. Connect with a church in your denomination in the area and find out ways you can help. I would guess that Christmas meals, gifts, general meals are being provided for lots of families. If you want to contribute, call a church and do it!
  4. Pay attention. There are people in your world that God is calling you to notice and love with His love. Put down your internet machines for long enough to be present wherever you are. There are hurting people who are NOT ok that need you to notice and care.
Having honest conversations about guns and mental healthcare and whatever else all seem important to me, but much less important than caring for the people of the community in Newtown and the community outside your front door.
May we listen well to the voice of the Holy Spirit calling us to love others with our whole selves! 

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