Monday Wondering (or Wandering)

  • I wonder if anything useful can be said about guns. There is a third way in the conversation. I’m not sure anyone wants to find it, though. And, if you’re a baseball bat arguer (bats are #1 weapon in domestic disputes or something to that effect so why don’t we ban them?), just stop. It’s ridiculous. No one has gone on a mass killing spree using a bat. Let’s talk about guns. Specifically the kind that are not made or allowed for hunting animals but are really good at hunting large groups of people. Please, in rational words, help me understand why anyone needs a gun like that? (FYI- I know LOTS of super responsible gun owners. Their guns are locked up and their kids don’t have access. I’m not trying to attack the 2nd amendment. I’m trying to understand our NEED as a nation to own these incredibly destructive weapons.)(2nd parentheses: I have no agenda or side on this. I want to hear from all sides and opinions. If you want to comment, please do so respectfully.)
  • I wonder if we will have any more pukers in our house by the end of the day or stick at the current count of one.
  • I wonder how many other parents will hug their kids a little tighter this morning as their kids head to school and pause for just a moment of fear and worry.
  • I wonder why God is sometimes so hard for some people to find. Not letting go of self? Not really wanting God? I don’t know. But it breaks my heart over and over and over again.
  • I wonder if my youngest sleeping 6 hours in a row this last week was an aberration or a sign of my wife getting more sleep very soon. 
  • I wonder how God felt on Friday. And how he feels as he walks with families in CT this morning. I can attribute words to him, like sadness or anger or compassion, but I don’t know how God experiences those emotions.

What do you wonder today?



  1. How do you determine which guns are good at hunting large groups of people? Are all semi automatics with a 10 shot clip? Or does it have to have a 25+ clip? What about a revolver with 6 shots, is that okay? What if you own two revolvers with 6 shots apiece?
    I ask this because if you want to ban guns, who decides which guns should be banned? Are you going to take away all of the small hand guns that people with a license to carry a concealed weapon usually carry?
    Just a question…would it be more effective to pass a law requiring all of the guns in your house be locked up? Maybe make an exception to this for people with a license to carry to be capable of having a concealed weapon on their person? If you aren't able to pass the background check to receive a license to carry then maybe you don't need to own a hand gun. ???

  2. Yeah, that's why this is such a mess! In the end, I don't think banning guns is very helpful, because there are already SOOOO many out there, and any gun, in the end could be used to kill lots of people. And I don't think the concealed weapons laws matter a lot in this conversation, because if you want to go kill lots of people, laws about having a gun aren't really probably very high on your list. I'm glad I don't make laws. And I'm sad that we have such a fascination with all things violent in our country.

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