Matthew 9

I was brought to my knees earlier this week as I read Matthew 9. Take a few minutes and go read it (here it is)…

Here’s what gets me in this chapter:
Someone has faith.
Jesus heals them, it seems both physically and spiritually (“Your sins are forgiven” v2)
The healing gets proclaimed throughout the region (26 & 31)

And at the end of this chapter of miracles, Jesus says the workers for the harvest are few. He does not mention door to door evangelism. He does not mention learning strategies for telling your store clerk about Jesus in 45 seconds or less. He heals people who show faith and then calls for workers.

Sometimes we get caught up in what is and isn’t the Good News. I am pretty sure the good news is that Jesus cam to bring healing and restoration to humanity. Many parts of the Church seem to assume that is a spiritual call only. But Jesus’ own actions would seem to indicate that it is physical as well. In fact, in most of the stories in Matthew 9, the physical healing is all we hear about!

So, here is my question: If you think these miracles were just for Jesus and the early church, why? I used to say that, but I never understood why I said that other than I thought I should. Is it ok for the gospel to be about more than just a person’s spiritual state? Can it also be about physical, emotional, or relational healing?

Discuss. I would really like to hear your thoughts- leave a comment below.


One comment

  1. Jesus paid the price for the whole package. The spiritual, physical, mental, and relationship. For years I understood he died only for my sins. God forgive me for my unbelief. May healing come to all of us.

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