5K Recap

To start, I want to give you a clear idea of my training regimen for this race. I signed up 2 months ago, then proceeded to have about 5 weeks of completely debilitating allergies and a week of sickness. So obviously, I was at my peak physical shape as I entered this race.

It was very cold Saturday morning with a brisk wind. So I dressed warm and milled around trying to fit in or look like I knew what was happening or wasn’t very scared of what was about to happen.

My goal was to not be the first person to start walking. As the start sounded, my fear of being last was quickly gone as some people made it less than 100 yards before walking. So I trudged along and realized at some point that I could just keep going at a slow jogging pace somewhat indefinitely. The only point I walked was coming over a hill and turning right into the wind. It just stopped me.

The thing that I found most interesting were the people who would sprint for a short distance then walk. Then sprint, then walk. Eventually those people mostly faded into the background somewhere behind me. I don’t understand their strategy. It seems painful.

After all 5k’s were complete and I ran under the inflatable finish line, I was overwhelmed. I honestly thought this was something I couldn’t do. And I had just finished it. Wow.

I think I am officially bit with the bug. I want to do it again and be faster. And have it resemble actual running. What a great experience. Glad I showed up and tried it!


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