Do you ever tell a bad story? You know, one where you forget important details but somehow manage to describe the unimportant ones? Or it goes on and on and nothing ever happens? Or you just can’t quite seem to get the meaning across?

Yesterday, I tried my best to tell a bad story. The problem was, it was my story, the one I was living yesterday. I was tired and a little grumpy and having an inner pity party after a band practice felt like it didn’t go the way I hoped it would. Somewhere in there, I adopted a “woe-is-me” attitude. About my entire life.

It was pitiful.

And then, in spite of my best attempts at holding the “World’s Lamest Pity Party,” God showed up and reminded me of the real story. Students were at church who needed to meet Jesus. They needed prayed and talked with. They needed to know God heard them. And all of a sudden, my sorry self was reminded of the real story.

The story of a God who so loves the world that he sent Jesus. The story where I get the freedom to not be the main character. The story of the Holy Spirit at work in students lives bringing healing and freedom.

And those are stories worth telling. The pity party? Not so much.

What’s the story your trying to tell today? What’s the story Jesus is trying to tell through you?

“Give me Christ or else I die!”


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