Thoughts from My Ordination

I was ordained in the Mennonite Church on Sunday. Coming into the ordination, I don’t know that I had a lot of thoughts about what it would be like. I didn’t expect to feel different on Monday morning, and I didn’t. But I also didn’t expect some of the things I did feel and experience.

  • Having my college pastor, Gary Aronhalt, and his wife, Melanie, for the weekend was incredibly fantastic. We had sort of lost touch outside of facebook in the last few years and it was wonderful to sit and tell stories and reconnect. I love those people. 
  • It has also been a while since I heard my mom play piano and my dad sing. They are really talented. I’m glad a small fraction of their musical talent rubbed off on me. I love those people a bunch, also.
  • Students and youth leaders wrote me letters comparing me to various items of clothing and then dressed me up in them. It was fun. And encouraging. And I looked like this(ps- you can’t see the sweet clip-on earrings or sweatpants):

  • The prayer time. Oh my. A group of men and women came forward and prayed for and over me. And it was a powerful moment in my life. One of the hands on me was pouring the Holy Spirit into me. And I mean I could literally feel it coming into my shoulder and filling my upper body. It was hard to stand under the weight of it. I have never experienced something like that before. But if that was the Holy Spirit, I want more!

All in all, I was blessed by the morning, and I think our church was, as well. I am so grateful that God has called me in this time to this place to be a pastor. And specifically a pastor to students. May His kingdom grow and His fame increase!



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