Monday Wonderings (and Wanderings)

  • I wonder what would happen if God’s people lived out his call to be “one” in spite of our differences… I think the impact on communities would be overwhelming.
  • I wonder if I will ever feel “caught up” at work. Feeling overwhelmed seems to be a common theme in my world the last 3 months. I’m not a big fan of it.
  • I wonder what would happen if I got rid of half my stuff tomorrow. I don’t need most of it, but I have it. I think I have 30 shirts. I might wear half of them. My wife does some laundry everyday, so I could probably get by with 5. But I have 30. That seems kinda dumb. (I would guess I will still have 30 next week…)
  • I wonder if writing these at night makes them more melancholy? I feel like it is. I wish I had remembered to get back on the blog horse when I woke up this morning. I much prefer writing in the morning.
  • I wonder if the day will come that Kennedy doesn’t want me to lay in her bed at night and talk with her. She is a pretty marvelous human. I am blessed to be her dad!
  • I wonder why ice cream has to be so delicious and many healthy foods are not quite so delicious. I mean, I can force myself to eat broccoli, but seriously, if you cook that stuff, it is gross. Put cheese on top and it’s gross stuff with cheese on it. Granted, ice cream with cheese on it doesn’t sound so fantastic, either. I do, however, feel a need to try Brussels sprouts. I keep hearing they can be good. I have my doubts. Also, the “Brussels” in Brussels sprouts is apparently a proper noun type deal. Always capitalized. I would love to have that happen with my name. I don’t even really care what with. It would just be sweet that people said, “Look, there’s a Blasdel _______.” Do rounded wall corners have a name? I think “Blasdel corner” has a good feel to it. Any other suggestions would be appreciated so I can get whatever process to attach my name to something started.

What do you wonder today?


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