Monday Wonderings (or Wanderings)

I wonder why I let myself fall asleep on the couch once in a while. It always makes my entire body feel miserable.

I wonder if the current presidential candidates are trying to drive voters away with their lies, half truths, and lack if civility. I have very little interest in voting, and zero interest in voting for either main party candidate. I also wonder if their tactics will trickle down to local politics. I had someone running for a local seat ring my doorbell, tell me who he was, tell me 2 bad things about who he was running against, nothing about how we would fix those problems, and then ask for my vote. Ummm… is that what earns votes these days? Bummer.

I wonder if I will actually train for the 5k I signed up for. I hate running. A lot. But I also hate being overweight and feeling tired after even small physical activities. So I gave someone $23.00 to participate in their charity 5k on November 3. That is just under 9 weeks from today. I believe I can currently run to the end of my cul-de-sac (at a VERY slow jog) without stopping. Any tips or advice?

I wonder how often all the 4 big Reno County high schools win their season opener. One of the youth group students ran for 2 td’s and threw for 2 more to lead his team to a big win. Way to go, Tim! And at 5th Quarter we had 115+ students. From a school of 280. It was crazy. And awesome.

I wonder what it will be like to take a personal retreat day on Wednesday. I’m kind of intimidated by the idea. A whole day of quiet, reflection, and prayer. I’m also a lot excited. I have taken about 2 of these in my ~104 months as a pastor. I have been given 1/month that whole time. Sorry God and people that I pastor. But our staff is holding one another accountable now to take one day each month. We have to schedule it before the month starts. That’s good.

I wonder if, now that college football is started, it will make it seem faster to get to college basketball season. Rock Chalk!


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  1. I drove 2,000 miles alone this past week and found it very refreshing. That might sound odd, but having time alone without distractions was an awesome time for prayer and reflection. Make use of those personal retreat days! It not only refreshes you, but it also benefits others as you pray and plan.

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