The "D" Word

What’s the “D” word, you ask?

I’ve always considered it a nasty, vulgar word that implies a lower form of being and existing. It was only to be used by those who lacked the creativity and imagination to use and live better words. There were a whole host of things I would rather have been described by before someone used the “D” word to talk about me.

Oh yeah,the word?


I know, I know. Shriek in horror. But I wrote it down. Just look at it, even if you can only glance for a moment before recoiling in horror. Here it is again:


But as 2012 progresses, I feel God laying this one word on my heart and life over and over. He is calling me to be a person of discipline. I think I’m starting to understand the reason.

I love to dream. And I feel called to BIG things. But I never quite know how to get there. Most of the time, I hope it will just magically happen. But it doesn’t.

For example, I like to write. I think I may even have a book in me someday. But blogging 5 times a year was not making me a better writer. I am hoping that writing 5 times a week and reading about/practicing will make me a better writer.

Being disciplined to stay the course and write, even on days when I feel uninspired or too tired or…, is somewhat of a new adventure to me. Here’s why:

The trick with discipline is to do it routinely, not in spurts. And this is hard for me. I like immediate gratification. If you give me the choice of traveling 1200 miles in a car in a day and arriving somewhere miserably tired and worn out vs. taking 2 or 3 days and feeling well rested, I will ALWAYS choose 1 day. Why would I want it to take longer?

But God is showing me the beauty of discipline. The beauty of the long, slow march in a single direction. He is showing me that my true creativity comes out of me when I am disciplined to be consistent.

Next thing you know I will be shaving regularly or something…

What benefits do you find in discipline? Where do you need discipline?


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