United Airlines is not my Friend


I need some help.

As many of you know, I recently had an awesome travel experience with United Airlines. (Read about it here.) It included being sent to an airport (Lima, Peru) that had no chance of getting us to our final destination. 13 of us hung out in that airport for 32 hours before being given seats back to the US, not Bolivia. Although our trip turned out pretty awesome, United’s service was terrible. And now they will not refund our money. In fact, they will not even talk to me. And that is not right or just.

So here is what I need:
Email (refunds@united.com)(This email isn’t working, it seems to bounce back to people, 
it doesn’t do that for me. I guess fax or snail mail or the options. Frustrating) or fax (713-324-1431) or snail mail (Customer Care United Airlines 900 Grand Plaza Drive NHCCR Houston, TX 77067-4323United with the following words:

Re: REQUEST ID:14128358
Dear Customer Refund Services,
I am writing to ask you about the refund request submitted by Jesse Blasdel on behalf of 13 ticket holders. I would appreciate your prompt response to his request and ask that you refund him the cost of their tickets($20311.42), the cost of 10 yellow fever shots ($113/each=$1130) that were obtained just for this trip and compensation for their baggage that has not yet been returned. I would also ask for future travel vouchers for each traveler. 

If you are unfamiliar with this case, here is a link (http://jesseblasdel.blogspot.com/p/refund-letter-to-united-airlines.htmlto the letter Jesse wrote to initially request the refund. Please do not contact me about this problem. Please contact Jesse to resolve this problem and make right your companies errors.


Your name here


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  1. That is soooo frustrating! I will definitely send a letter on your behalf. How can they treat customers like that and stay in business?

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