Monday Wonderings (or Wanderings)

I wonder if Langley will sleep 5 hours in a row every night. That was awesome last night. Sleep is glorious.
I wonder if God is as proud of the youth band as I am for the great job they did leading worship. Seriously, we made changes to songs between services and they went right along and nailed every change. 
I wonder if my siblings and I will all celebrate 35 years of marriage like my parents are doing this next weekend. I hope so. I pray for it. And we obviously have a great example to follow. God be with us.
I wonder if the newspaper will pay for our mailbox. I really hope so. My faith in companies is at an all time low with no refunds for plane tickets in sight and being told nothing can be done about my bag by American, even though it is in Bolivia and has been found. Frustrating. Or maybe it would be good for me to just completely lose trust in all of corporate America… I don’t know. But I do need a mailbox. And the Hutch News will either pay for it out of their own pocket or by losing our subscription fee so we can pay for it.
I wonder if it makes me an “old man” that we subscribe to the paper. It’s the easiest way to follow high school sports and see when students get mentioned. 
What do you wonder today? Leave a comment below!

One comment

  1. I wonder if my little 1 year old will be happy to see me or mad at me when I get back from a week long trip. I wonder why you don't blog year-round. I wonder if I am way too stingy with the things God has blessed me with.

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