Monday Wonderings (or Wanderings)

I wonder if this baby girl is ever going to come out!
I wonder what would happen if every Christian in Hutch spent $10 to provide food for someone who is hungry and doesn’t have enough money this week.
I wonder what God is getting ready to do in downtown Hutch.
I wonder if I will ever really get rid of things like pride and being super judgmental. I hope so. 
I wonder if our pond is going to dry up. We’re getting closer and closer. That would make me very sad.
I wonder if my neighbors are annoyed that my front yard hasn’t been mowed in over 6 weeks. To be honest, I don’t really care at all.
I wonder if that makes me a bad neighbor.

I wonder why my least viewed post from last week was the one giving a prayer. C’mon people. That’s what we need the most.

I wonder if students miss having me at an event as much as I miss being at events when I’m off. This is probably about that sneaky pride again. It’s hard to be proud of something you didn’t really plan and you for sure didn’t lead. That it was “awesome” on facebook doesn’t give my ego the normal boost. I hate that boost. And I crave it. Dang.
What do you wonder today?

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