Freedom in Discipline

For the first six months of the year I chose to not follow sports. I didn’t watch them, I didn’t read about them, I didn’t check scores. The exception was if I watched with somebody else, in community. So I did watch the Superbowl and the Jayhawks in the NCAA tournament. With the Olympics I have started to watch a bit of sports again, and I keep finding things out.
Like that the Nuggets traded Nene because he was too expensive even though they had just given him his new contract a couple months before. That’s ridiculous. Or that the Rockies have decided to quit being a baseball team and gear up for volleyball or accounting or something. And the Broncos signed this Peyton guy. I hope he’s good. (I did have a friend that texted me all about that as it was happening, so I was sorta in the loop, but minus all the reaction from people who get paid to yell about sports.)
Why did I do this? Discipline. I lack it a lot. As I get older, I realize I need, a lot. And not for me so much as so that I don’t waste my life on ESPN or anything that God isn’t calling me to. And so I went sports dark, just to see if I could. To be honest, my goal was one year, but I felt like 6 months was accomplishing the goal, I could make a big decision that was a big change and stick to it!
So, what has come from it? I have made more choices that are based in being disciplined. I have one of those jobs that can and will overtake the rest of my life. I am attempting to be more disciplined at work to give more time to my family at home. I will talk more about how I’m doing that in the next couple days. I will say, that I have found great freedom in being more disciplined, which drives me crazy as a person who loves freedom and therefore always pushed away discipline. Oh well, I’m learning now.
Where in your life do you need more discipline?
“Give me Christ or else I die!”

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