Monday Wondering (or Wandering..)

I wonder if my baby girl is going to make her appearance soon. I’m really excited to meet her.

I wonder if the Broncos will be good this year. I care less and less about team sports as I get older. That still means I care WAY too much about the Broncos.

As the twins start school again this week, I wonder who they will be friends with. And I pray for their friends. I confess that my kids choosing friends at school is one of the scariest things so far as a parent for two reasons: 1. Sometimes I thought I didn’t have any real friends, what if they experience that? and 2. What if they choose bad friends?

I wonder where I left my guitar capo. I had one capo for 13 years. It broke two months ago and I bought a new one. It’s been lost for 3 weeks. Frustrating.

I wonder how many snakes are in my backyard. I haven’t mowed in an embarrassingly long time. The grass is long, I know the snakes are out there just waiting for me.

I wonder if some students hearts at youth group have chosen Jesus yet. I long for them to choose him. I wish I could choose him for them. But I can’t, so I will keep teaching about Jesus and praying for them.

What do you wonder about today?

“Give me Christ or else I die!”


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