Month: April 2010

Lessons from Carsen

Our church is collecting books to send to the Hopi Indian Reservation in Arizona and we asked the twins to each grab 3 books to give. Carsen ran to their room and emerged a few minutes later carrying 4 books including 2 of his absolute favorites. I asked him if he was sure if he wanted to give those books away while thinking that he certainly had some books he didn’t like or that were beat up a bit that he could give away. And then he informed me that he knew other little boys with no books would really like those ones so he wanted to send them to him. And then I had thoughts about being a cheerful giver and that giving should cost me something. So I looked at my 4 year old son and said I was proud of him and walked away thanking God that Carsen has that giving spirit in him and praying that I wouldn’t take it away from him with my concern for what is right or proper.

Today his sister lied to me at dinner time and her punishment was to be the last to get cake tomorrow at Havily’s party. Then Carsen intervened and reminded me just how undeserved grace can be. He told Kennedy that he would go after her in line and be last. He was completely willing to take her punishment on himself to show her that he loved her and to alleviate some of her sadness at the punishment.

What a great kid. I am blessed by being his dad!


A Froggy Sort of Day

Was out trimming the yard yesterday when I saw this big ol’ frog down by the pond. Carsen and I got a nice close look. In the first photo you can just see the outline of my reflection in his eye.