I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do everything through him who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:12-13

Allow me to brag about my wife for a moment.

Shiloh has passed the point of being pregnant and moved into the realm of very pregnant. She is a little over 37 weeks pregnant and we are both so excited to meet our new daughter. Now, the part to brag about.

My wife has had lots of questions from people lately about how bad she must want to be done with being pregnant and get the baby out, and how much she must be suffering. Today she told me that she felt like women were encouraging her to be frustrated and discontent with the idea of being pregnant for 3 more weeks. And then she said, “Why should I be discontent? I am completely content with being pregnant and having a baby in me for three more weeks”

We tend to see verse in Philippians as referring to really hard situations, like having no house, or barely having enough food. But my wife reminded me today that to complain about the mundane or everyday is stealing the glory away from God and making life all about me.

Thank you Shiloh for showing me things about following God. I love you. And I’ll work on being content…



  1. Wow, someone’s back to blogging again. I just saw this post this morning.

    I agree with Josiah and with Nicole.

    I also think that it’s easy to be content when life is fairly easy. And Shiloh’s pregnancy has been very easy. I’ve talked to tons of women on the subject and she has had about the easiest pregnancy I’ve ever seen. Which is awesome for her since her first one was very tough and complicated! I’m glad for her.

    But, I think it’s easy to be content when you’re not uncomfortable. About 10 days before you wrote this post Shiloh was MISERABLE over her head cold. She didn’t seem too content to have that horrible sickness upon her and didn’t say, “However long it takes O Lord….” or “I can go 3 more weeks of this….” She was looking for any and every form of relief from that pain. My point is that for 95% of women, pregnancy feels as bad at the end as that head cold felt for her. If you’ve felt your sciatic nerve fry with searing pain, or you’ve puked your guts out for 9 months straight, or have had severe reflux or heartburn, or you’re swollen with toxemia, or have felt your joints creak and your pubic bone split apart, have had days and nights of endless contractions that stop eventually, or are suffering in the heat of summer, you know it ain’t pretty and it ain’t easy. Most guys can’t handle a couple days of throwing up and yet many women experience this symptom for MONTHS at a time in pregnancies.

    Most women remember these aches and pains and thus ask about them to sympathize and empathize. We want other women to know, we’ve been there and they don’t have to pretend everything’s okay if it’s not. They can be honest, real, and vulnerable in this sisterhood of women.

    I’ve also been told by midwives that there is an emotional signpost of “feeling done” that precedes most labors.

    So, asking if she feels “done” or “ready to get her out” in my case was like asking Shiloh “Have you had any contractions?” A medical question of sorts rather than a prod to discontentment.

    Another reason I have asked Shiloh this question was a guage to see how much help she might need. “Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?” If so, I could make an effort to swing by and get the kids for a few hours. “Are you in a lot of pain and agony?” If so, I can bring supper by.

  2. I forgot to add in my first comment that one of the reason’s that I think Shiloh had such an amazingly uncomplicated pregnancy was because of all of your help. Josiah and I admire how much you care about your family and how you take time for them. You have probably done more to help with your kids in 3 years than most dads do in 20 years! I think that is a big factor in her being content.
    Way to go!

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