I have been working hard lately to help students understand and experience true worship of God. Through singing, prayer, service and interactive nights of worship, I have tried a ton of different things. But this morning I was struck that for all the time I put into planning worship, I might be missing worship on the approach. I am reading Jesus Creed by Scot McKnight and he had this to say about worship:

Worship happens when I comprehend (1) who I really am before God- a love-violating sinner, (2) how faithful and gracious God is to his sacred commitment of love for me, and (3) how incredibly good God is to open the floodgates of that love to me. (pg 50)

I think a lot of times, in youth group and our main church gatherings, our worship starts at number 3, or at best, number 2. The goodness and love of God is amazing, but it won’t change how we (or students) respond to God unless we realize how undeserving of it we really are. Songs and times of repentance and mourning over sin must be a part of youth ministry!
(and no promises that my blog drought is over!)

One comment

  1. The liturgical churches do have something…they often start with a call to worship and a confession of sin which seems to be where McKnight is coming from. God’s commitment towards us is covered in the recognition of who Jesus is and what he had done and is doing in our midst.

    Then we enjoy.

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