Month: December 2008

Kennedy’s Solo

Last night was our church’s Christmas program. Kennedy had been singing “Go Tell it on the Mountain” all afternoon, so I made her promise to sing it as loud as she could that night at church. Here is what follows:

My favorite part is when , in her embarrassment, Kennedy hugs the little girl next to her. The program as a whole went a lot like that, at least with that first row of kids. Every little girl showed us her belly button and Carsen mostly tried to make sure no one took his spot. And he liked when they got to sit down.


toilet humor

A few kid quotes from the last couple days:
Our newly remodeled bathroom upstairs has an exhaust fan. Kennedy likes it to be on when she is in there. On Sunday here is what she told Shiloh:
“Hey mom, I want to turn off the poopy light.” Yep, we have something in our house that is now called a poopy light.
On Sunday Shiloh was cleaning the bathroom. Carsen came in while she was cleaning the toilet. He looked inside the toilet and exclaimed, “Mom, Jesus wouldn’t like that.”

Also, I’m pretty sure with blogs you’re supposed to make a big deal out of “milestone” posts. This is post #100 for me. Yeah! If I made money or something from it I would give away a Wii or a car or something. Instead you’ll have to settle for this rambling little paragraph!


“Relational ministry presupposes suffering; when we are called to go, we must give our very selves to others, for this is following the Crucified.” -Andrew Root

This semester has been a semester of learning the truth of the above statement. It’s nice to plan great events and small groups and have lots of fun in youth ministry, but the students I come into contact with are not always having fun anywhere else. Or maybe the hate the very idea of God. Whatever the case, it leads to the need to enter into the dark places of their lives and just be there. And for me, that’s hard. But through the Holy Spirit I’m learning and changing. And getting amazing opportunities to love teenagers as Christ loves them.

Good Parenting

Although it won’t lead to great grades on color tests, I’m proud to report my sons view of colors as we looked at the neighbors Christmas lights on Friday night:

Me: Carsen, what colors are the lights?
(Correct answer: Red, blue, green and orange.)
Carsen: I think there’s red, green, blue and Broncos.

Go Broncos!