I have been asked by my pastor to lead communion the first week of October. He wants it to be creative and different (and he really means it.) I have a few ideas, but I would love to hear some thoughts on creative ways you have taken communion before. Comment away!



  1. One of the best memories I have of communion is when my high school prayer group decided to celebrate communion over the beginning of the new year at midnight. I had baked homemade challah and we had goblets of grape juice and it was just us teens, reading the Biblical account and fellowshipping with song and prayer. Unfortunately thought, one of my Presby friends got a tongue lashing from her pastor pa when she got home as I guess Presby’s are only supposed to take communion from an ordained minister or elder or something like that!Anyhow, you could have everyone stand in a circle holding hands (or if that is too hippie… then not holding hands).You could show a clip of Christ’s death from The Passion before we take communion.You could have a dramatic reading of the Biblical account with different people playing different parts in the story.You could have everyone come up to the front of the church to get their elements.You could have everyone in the church serve someone else the elements.You could do it in the dark, or by candlelight.You could play a communion song like “I remember you” by Mac Powell.You could have everyone kneel to take communion.You could have everyone kneel in a circle…Okay I’ll shut up now!

  2. We have done a few different things at Trailhead…– serving each other as we say “the body of Christ broken for you, the blood of Christ shed for you.” – allowing people to light a candle along with communion as a prayer to God. we set out a bunch of little tea lights on the communion table. – setting communion up on the floor so that we have to kneel down to partake as a symbol of worship and submission to God

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