Be Creative!

Continuing in the tradition of such great Christian products as the “A bread crumb and a fish” shirts made to look like abercrombie and the massive number of bands that decided to be Christian versions of Creed 8 years ago comes this. Christian Guitar Hero. It makes Christ look cheap to knock off the world for Christian consumption. And we are no safer from sin if we insulate ourselves from the world than if we embrace the fact that God put us here. We sin because we are human and we are fallen, not because we play fake guitar to a song by weezer.

Christians need to step up and create out of the creativity and beauty instilled in them by God, not by the creators of guitar hero.

end rant



  1. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks! I live in a country where creativity came out of religious experience. Now, the almighty dollar (zloty, here) is the “creative” force. Love your post! There are those who are creative! Really creative! Don’t lose heart too much. 🙂

  2. But then what are all the home-schooled kids and kids that go to Sunrise supposed to do in their spare time?!? You realize that if they even so much as think that they hear Weezer, new school policy is to cut their ears off? These kids NEED the Christian guitar hero, their health, future, and walk with God depend on it. Without it, they are no better than those “public school” earth walkers!

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