Chickmunks!!! (or this post is for Bonnie)

The last week of July we spent a week in Breckenridge with Shiloh’s parents. It was the perfect way for us all to reconnect after a month apart due to my many trips and working on the house. Pictures follow:

Kennedy doesn’t wear glasses, but she found these and thought they looked fantastic , so should put them on and proceeded to have a hard time walking.We went to a place in the mountains where you could feed the chipmunks out of your hand. Carsen loved it. He would call out “chickmunk” in a high pitched voice and wait for them to come and eat. Kennedy would stand and watch for anything moving. If it got within three feet of her, she would yell “chickmunk” at the top of her lungs, throw the sunflower seeds at it and try to get away. Needless to say, there are no cute pics of her feeding the chipmunks
We went one morning to the children’s museum. Kennedy decided she wants to be a doctor when she grows up so she can dress in pink. Carsen would have gladly spent the rest of his life catching magnetic fish off of the floor.


  1. I completely agree with my Mom that these pics are long overdue…I check your blog every day hoping to see pics of your kids!! 🙂 They are so cute! And I love Kennedy’s career aspiration to be a doctor…so she can wear pink…that’s too funny! 🙂

  2. Oh, Jesse, HOORAY for you!! I had SO much fun looking at these pics. I especially like the one of Kennedy in “her” glasses. 🙂 And, I can just about hear the kids yelling for the “chickmunks”. Thank you! Your kids are adorable…looking forward to seeing them again. (oh, and you and Shiloh, too)

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