Family Core Values #1

During Sunday School at church (where else would it be, I guess) we have been talking about our churches core value of “Building Strong Families.” The teacher has encouraged us to be coming up with core values for our families and so, away we go.

#1: Love God

Jesus said it well in Mark 12:30: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.” I hope my family lives this out together, individually, and through involvement in Christ’s body, the church.
We try to spend time talking about things we are seeing God do in our lives (or maybe what we want to see but aren’t). We spend time talking with the kids about God and read through Bible stories with them. As the kids grow I hope we can openly and honestly talk about faith and life and doubt and God all together. I definitely struggle to lead this one in my house. I spend a lot of my job doing this very thing for a bunch of students and get lazy with my family. But I am a work in progress and God is full of grace.
Pretty obvious, I hope my relationship with Christ is not all that tethers my wife or kids to Christ. I pray that Shiloh will be continually drawn to have depth in her quiet times with God and that my kids will make the decision to follow Christ not because I do, but because they fall completely and totally in love with who he is.
The Church
God gave it to us to live in and know him better. It’s easy to get disgruntled with the church (I have spent way too much time there) and just quit being a part of it. Love it or hate it, think it should stay the same or change radically, I hope my family always is a part of what God is doing to and through the church.

#2 to theoretically come tomorrow. Also, as this is about family I plan on showing off the cuteness that is my kids pretty much every time I post.

What do you think? What is a core value that guides your family?


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