Last weekend we went and spent thanksgiving with family in Colorado Springs. My parents and siblings came from Wichita and we had a great time. Of the many things I am thankful for, the people in these pictures are definitely right up at the top. Johnny and Emily we missed you! Kennedy is sitting in my lap to tell all of you who is in each picture:

Jeff and Noelle (upon learning Noelle’s name, for a while everyone was no-name. I was nodaddy, there was no-aunt Brit, nopappa, etc. Funny stuff)
Gamma and aunt Brit (mom, I’m over here with the camera)
Jeff and Yeah (Sorry Cornel, I don’t know how your name became ‘yeah’)
Silly Mommy
Uncle Ryan (I’m not sure if it’s the macarena or the chicken dance, but ladies, get in line)

Papa and Baby neigh (the little stuffed horse in the foreground. Apparently Kennedy and her brother don’t count for much in this one!)

mommy and aunt Brit

Yack and Jeff (yeah for staying with a chiropractor)

Carwah (Carsen) Nahwee (Natalie) and Yack sleep (Natalie is getting in some good practice for the arrival of little Cassandra sometime in the next month or so)

that Eddy Me and aunt Brit

Ummm, Kennedy is tired of our name the people in the picture game, so she is watching Little Einsteins instead. This is Noelle, my mom and Bonnie preparing some of our amazing food. We seriously ate huge, tasty meals all weekend. And Jack, the pancakes were tasty! Can’t wait for next time.

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  1. Love the pics!!! (Well…except the first one…all those pics you took and that was the best one you could find of us? 🙂 ) We had so much fun with you guys and we definitely have to do it again next year! We are so thankful for your family as well!! Love you all!

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