You Know You Live in Wyoming When… #2

The following things happened in your neighbors yards the past two weekends:

  1. Your neighbor was boiling an elk skull cap in his backyard to remove the rest of the meat, skin, cartilage, and/or brain goo so it could be mounted.
  2. The next Sunday, one of your other neighbors lets you come over to see the 4 goats and 4 turkeys he is keeping in his backyard. As you look and talk to your children about the animals, he informs you he is moving them today to get them out of the backyard. He is going to go ahead and just keep them in the freezer. Bonus Wyoming points if your wife was outside working on something while the goats were bleating their last sounds!
Sorry, no pics of the the goats or turkeys! And keep in mind, we live right in the middle of town, this is just the way it works up here.


  1. That’s funny! It sounds like you need to MOVE out of town. Those in-town people are kind of crazy! 🙂 It’s a good thing your kidd-o’s are small enough they probably didn’t realize what moving them to the freezer meant. NIIICE! I especially like the picture. Made my day. Thanks!

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