The New Office

In the last few weeks new offices were completed in our church. My office will no longer be referred to as a “closet” in the blueprints! Very exciting happenings. A few weeks ago during Sunday school, a couple of high school girls told me how boring and white the new offices were, so I told one of them to go pick me out some paint and we would paint an accent wall. So today was the day of the painting. Much brighter than I would have picked on my own, but I like it and had a great time painting with Becca.


  1. I like it! Your living in color now! Great choice BECCA! PS I saw your kids at the swimming pool today, Kennedy closed herself in the locker, she was just standing there quietly smiling. I wish I had my camera to take a pic of her. So cute! She was able to get her own self out of course but it was precious!

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