Month: September 2007

Lead Tests

Yesterday we went to the hospital to get the kids tested for lead because we have a whole in our wall that may or may not have grown since we moved in, so we just wanted to be sure. Shiloh took Kennedy in and things went fine and Kennedy got a little cat for her bravery. When I took Carsen in, the lady taking the blood put a tourniquet on his arm. He looked at her and in the most pitiful voice imaginable said, “Help me, pleeeeeeeease.” Kim (lady taking blood), who also goes to our church, gave a knowing “I’m sorry, it will be over soon” kind of look. I almost started laughing, but instead pointed out the Shrek poster and we got through the rest of it without incident. Man, kids that can talk are funny!


See You at the Pole

This morning I went to our high school at 7:30 to pray with students for the national See You at the Pole Day. We had about 30 students there, which is about 5% of the school’s population. The junior high was right at about the same percentage. My hope and prayer is that those students have the opportunity to share about this morning throughout the day. How awesome would it be to have 10% of the school there next year! The coolest part of the morning, at least for me, was seeing the new principal, Mr. Sparkman, standing at the flag pole, praying with students for a few minutes. What a great way to start a day!

Art Show

I drove up to Dubois this morning to enter my first art show. I am equal parts excited by this and terrified. I have always been a bit afraid to put things I do in front of other people in case they don’t like it. But enough of that, I enjoy photography a lot and we’ll see how I do. Oh, and the leaves are all changing up around Dubois, just beautiful. Sorry, there are no pictures because I had the kids with me, and they don’t take real kindly to my stopping to photograph scenery.

More Remodeling Fun

We’re almost done putting in insulation and I thought I should share some more pictures. Windows, drywall, floors and bathroom fixtures yet to go. Then we can start the kitchen.

A look at my amazing wiring abilities. Also known as my ability to follow the directions of those that actually know about such things.
Here is our bathroom. Lots of work still to do in there.
Shiloh hard at work stapling up insulation.
Here is our future kitchen with the little partial wall all framed in.
For the ladies reading this blog who care about such things, here is the color for the kids room, with trim included for your viewing pleasure.

Wild Hogs

Shiloh and I watched “Wild Hogs” last night. With the exception of the highway patrolman scenes, we both thought it was pretty funny and was a much needed laugh in the middle of our remodeling craziness. William H. Macy’s character, Dudley, at one point needed some help with some dance moves. What he said made me laugh, only because it describes me perfectly, just ask my wife, or go dancing with me.

“The music moves me, it just moves me ugly.”

back to blogging

After an insane last few weeks, I guess it’s about time a write again. A quick rundown of the haps:

  • Shiloh started working part-time at the Christian school in town two weeks ago and I’ve been staying home in the mornings to watch the kids.
  • One of the elders from the church and our pastor have been helping me do the wiring and plumbing in our house. Wiring is basically done. Plumbing is about halfway.
  • Been putting in insulation and hoping that our windows come in this week so we can get those in.
  • My wife is a painting machine!
  • Youth group started up again for the fall and we’ve been doing a series called “Living in an iWorld” and talking about slowing down life to see what God has for us.
  • Labor day weekend we had church family camp. It was a great time, but as with all great church events, incredibly tiring.
  • We took Carsen and Kennedy to the high school football game last Friday. Lander lost, but on Saturday Carsen couldn’t stop talking about seeing football. (I’m working on getting him to say, “Go Broncos”)
  • We had (at least to me) a cool young adult Bible study last night where we sang a bunch and just shared some of what God has been teaching each of us. Good times.
  • Kennedy has decided it’s fun to “steal” our noses and then put them back on. Hilarious stuff, I’m telling you.