Back Home

We are back home from Carsen’s surgery and he is sleeping for a while. He had a rough time with the anesthesia and the doctor told us he stopped breathing and they had to do it for him for a few breaths. But Dr. Fischer and the nurses did a great job taking care of him and doing the surgery. He seemed pretty scared when they brought him back to us, but he sat with his mom and slept for a while until his oxygen level went up and his heart rate returned to normal. After that he drank some juice and we headed home. I ran and grabbed his meds at the pharmacy as well as a bunch of ice cream for him to eat the rest of the weekend! Thanks for all the prayers.



  1. Jesse & Shiloh,We are so glad you are home with little Carsen! The pictures are great! Keep posting (us mom’s like to see the family too!)Julie Luebcke

  2. Wow! You started blogging more now! I hadn’t visited your blog in a couple of months so I found I had a lot to catch up on. I love the pics of Carsen in his tiny little hospital gown and of the kids on the new church playground.

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