My dad announced last week that he is resigning from the church where he is the worship pastor in the middle of August. At this time he is not planning on continuing in pastoral ministry. It is weird to think that my brother, sister and I will no longer be pk’s. My dad has been a pastor (and had his beard) since before I was born. Through growing up as a pk I really appreciated my dad making time to be at my events and also not putting too much pressure on us kids to be certain stereotypes or anything. Even though “I love you” was not a normal part of our conversations (especially in jr and sr high) I always knew I was more important than my dads job and that he did love me. As a church employee and dad, I hope my kids can someday enter adulthood with as much respect and love for me and my ministry as I have for my dad. Whatever he ends up doing, I’m excited for him and this new part of life that my parents are entering into. Oh, and not only was he a good dad, but he pretty much has the grandpa thing down, to:

And dad, while things are changing, I have never seen you without a beard! Just think about it:-)



  1. Thanks, Son. Even if I didn’t say it enough, I love you…and I am proud of who you are, what you’re doing, and the way that you and Shiloh are raising MY grandkids. You’ll do so much better than me.

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