Rose Bushes and Bad Soil

Yesterday my wife and I took a trip over to the local greenhouse to look at flowers and see our friend Griff. After much looking and deciding, my wife decided we should buy a couple rose bushes to put in the planter behind our house, as well as a few other nice flowery plants. When we got home it was decided that she would go to school and spend some time preparing for this next school year, and I would plant our new purchases. So, I went and got the shovel and shoved it into the ground to start digging my hole. The problem was that after the first 4 or 5 inches, our nice soil became rocky, hard to dig through soil. There was about a foot of this soil and it took me a little over an hour to dig my two small holes. As I dug I realized I needed to replace the bad soil with good soil, otherwise our plants were going to have a hard time keeping any water near their roots. I went and bought some good soil to fill in the holes and planted the roses and now hopefully we can keep them growing (and not have to plant any more large things in that overly rocky area).

It all reminded me of the parable of the sower that Jesus tells in Matthew 13. We have to be asking God for opportunities to introduce people to Jesus who are ready to hear about him. We also need to be making sure our own hearts and minds are staying healthy and open to God and his leading.
Some of our new flowers:


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