This is a little belated, but here it goes anyway. Right before we left for Kansas our church celebrated the graduation of our seniors during our morning service. It was a special time to pray for them and to share some Bible verses with them that I had been praying for them. It made me think back to my days as a high school senior almost 10 years ago. My youth pastor shared verses for me and prayed with me. He even prayed that God would lead me to full-time ministry (I thought he was crazy, God didn’t). Now a few years later, getting to pray with some seniors in my youth group, I just wanted to say thank you to Fritz for listening to the voice of God and sharing some of what you heard with me. I hope I do the same for the students I share life with.
If you’re interested, my life verses from Fritz were Psalm 27:14, Jeremiah 33:3, and 2 Timothy 1:7.


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  1. Jesse, I loved hearing what you had to say about Fritz and the impact on your life. God often surprises us with HIS plans!!! I love the promise that He has plans for us and a hope and future. Love!!!

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