Drywall, Drywall, Drywall

This weekend we tore out most of the drywall on the main level of our house. There was nothing wrong with the drywall (other than that it had been painted purple), but behind the drywall is a whole big mess of ungrounded wiring that is old enough to not be real safe anymore. The other problem is what is not there, namely, insulation. Apparently, back when this house was built (1947) heat was free. You just turned it on and it came and warmed you up. So, the thinking must have been, “we can just skip insulation, it’s a lot of extra work and money for nothing and it doesn’t change how the house looks.” Well, heat is not so free anymore, and Lander is cold for 6-8 months, so we have a problem that needs fixing.

Now, the question is, what about when we do this in our Christian life? All too often we work hard to appear all finished when things just aren’t right or ok. Especially in front of other Christians. If you are a Christian, you need to be bold enough to be honest about your life. Because anything less is unfair to those around you and to yourself.

Here’s to a summer of refinishing those things that stay hidden behind walls.


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