The Present Future

I’ve just started reading a book called “The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church” by Reggie McNeal. He challenges a lot of assumptions we have about how church should work. In each chapter he discusses a wrong question we ask about church and then gives a tough question that we need to be asking. In chapter 2 the wrong question is: How do we grow this church? (How do we get them to come to us?) The tough question is: How do we transform our community? (How do we hit the streets with the gospel?) As I thought about the hard question and my community, I came to the realization that there are less than 1000 jr. and sr. high students in my entire town. And I probably know 50-75 of them. I need to get out of my office and find ways to get to know the community. How can I serve them and take Jesus to them instead of spending all my time trying to create a program that they may or may not come to. Here is a quote from McNeal:

Jesus’ strategy was to go where people were already hanging out. This is why he went to weddings, parties, and religious feast day celebrations. Jesus loved being around people who were having fun! In fact, the Pharisees accused him of being a party animal.

Are we taking church to people? Where do people hang out in your community? Think, pray, then go!


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